The Impact of Digital Communication in Real Estate Business. Case study:Brilliant Concepts

The statement ‘we no longer go online, we now live online’, will remain true in the disruption of technology in every sector and spheres of human endeavour. And in addition, whatever you are perceived to be online is directly proportionate to how successful you will be in business. Meaning, your online perception, is your business reality. According to a report published by International Telecommunication Union, the number of internet users has increased from 1 billion in 2005 to 3.5 billion in 2016.

Internet and the birthing of digital communication have changed the game for most businesses. In fact, it is making extinct of those brands that want to stick to the old ways of doing business. It is changing the narratives for businesses, organisations, groups and individual brands.

And there is no exception for the real estate industry in Nigeria as digital marketing is making the difference in the real estate sector. However, it is not enough to be known online, if you are not known for the right reasons, you worst of. Making the place of Online Public Relations (PR) and Online Reputation Management (ORM)indispensable in this process.

At POAASTERLING, working with Funke Kehinde, CEO of Brilliant Concepts has further established the fact that Online PR and ORM is key in property business, in order to truly earn and keep the trust of your clients which is your priceless currency in the sector.

Working with Funke Kehinde brand as a renowned consultant in real estate business, has helped to figure out some significant factor that makes Online PR more suitable for real estate industry. Starting from the wide reach of targeted audience, to the digital platforms, tools and techniques that Online PR and ORM rides on, such as Blogging, Website, Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click advertisements, Social Media Management and E-mail Automation has helped her brand in the real estate industry to disseminate the right information to the right audience, making her first among equals at the top of the industry.

The use of strategic, original and useful content by POAASTERLING, generate more leads for her business as over 86% of the target audience were attracted by the great and timely quality content that is aimed at continuously positioning her brand as most preferred.

Another impact of Online PR, and why it is important for Mrs. Funke Kehinde, is that prospective clients make their conclusion just by visiting her various online platforms, without getting to meet her personally.

Prospective clients visit everywhere you are present online as a brand, like website, visibility on Google search, reviews on social media and other online newsfeed about your organization. And if you fail to meet up their standard, the client immediately move to another real estate company, without bothering to call you to confirm any assumption, based on their online perception of you.

Another aspect that scare away prospective client, is when they see a negative review on your platform, or a negative article written about your service online. It’s a lost deal already when that happens.

POAASTERLING have been able to present and manage the Funke Kehinde brand and her company Brilliant Concepts online in its true authentic self, so that she is today perceived as the go-to when it comes to genuine and trustworthy real estate company, where getting the best deal is 100% sure for clients.

The perception of her online brand has been a major marketing tool for her, and she has come to enjoy referrals like no other in the industry. This is something that is rare ordinarily in the real estate sector, but because of a sound Online PR and ORM, she keep soaring when others are taking cover in the storm.

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Africa’s leading Digital PR/ORM Agency

Barely a few months of inception, POAA STERLING a renowned Digital PR/ORM in Africa has proved with towering results that it has come to be a force to be identified with in Digital Public Relations(PR) and Online Reputation Management (ORM). They have supersede all yardsticks for this claim, looking at what Digital PR basically does for brands and organisations.

POAA STERLING Digital PR/ORM employs content generation, consistency in message, personalized engagement with target audience, prompt response to critical issues, email, social media, SEO, blogging, website, timeliness, trend spotting, tracking and measurement of progress, and brand identity, in ensuring your brand enjoys the most favourable image in the market.

We no longer ‘go’ online, we now ‘live’ online. In fact, in today’s term, if your organization is not online, irrespective of the type of business you operate, you are not yet in business. Internet is basically everything to any business of today, and what you put out there and how you engage your audience per time means everything to the business.

In terms of content generation, POAA STERLING have established themselves as an agency that creates and develop unique content that establish their clients as a thought leader in their industry, ranging from blogs, website, email to social media, with a strategic approach and good knowledge of the best timing to get the desired result.

Using a well-integrated, personalized, consistent, optimized and promoted content across the various online channels,they understand that your blog post should add credit to your social media channel, and across the other platforms. This is the only way to achieve consistent message, which is essential to how serious your brand will be perceived in the market.

Also with a good understanding of the place of industry influencer in content development in getting your brand the necessary exposure it needs.

Digital PR through knowledge sharing, expertise display, and openness earns companies greater deal of respect. It establishes your brand and positioning your organization as leading, most favourable and authoritative voice in your industry by continuously putting out unique, interesting, strategic and informative communications that aligns with the goals of your brand or organisation.

The understanding, mastery, confidentiality and excellent execution of these elements and more of Online PR/ORM is what make POAA STERLING stand out of the pack, earning referrals per seconds from existing clients.

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